Emergency Tree Removal Service FOR Adelaide Hills & Adelaide

Living in the hills comes with its challenges like the unpredictable extreme weather and strong winds. Storms, high winds, hail or lightening can cause major damage to any property or home including fallen trees and broken branches. These trees and debris are not only also a safety threat but also a stressful and traumatic experience for the property owner.


MJS Tree & Stump is Adelaide Hills based tree service provider that has the expertise and resources to work swiftly to ensure that the emergency tree removal job is conducted efficiently. Please note emergency tree removal is a process that requires a professional team. Depending on the tree, its size, type and proximity to hazards, safe and efficient removal may require a variety of techniques and expert treatment. You can count on us for completely hassle-free and cost-effective tree removal, from start to finish. Our certified team responds swiftly to emergency tree removal service requests, residential or commercial, in order to minimise further damage to any property and to restore safety and security. We take care to follow all steps and safety precautions while paying attention to detail on the job.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service at 0419 816 864

Our vast experience in emergency tree services, extensive training and thorough understanding of Adelaide Hills and Adelaide region has provided us with valuable knowledge that we apply to each and every job. Using the best trade tools and machinery we deliver the best possible emergency tree removal services.

In recent years high winds and rains have become common in Adelaide Hills region that have caused hazardous trees to fall and cause significant damage. Remember the wild storms in 2016 where hundreds of trees got uprooted? Or the damaging storms in 2015? MJS emergency expert team worked throughout these times and serviced hundreds of anxious requests to remove fallen trees, down tree limbs and prevented healthy but damaged trees from coming down.

We are licensed arborists who work to save what we can and remove the fallen or damaged trees. Here are a few ways that we can help you out in case of an emergency:

  • Professional and prompt service to safely remove fallen trees and limbs
  • Latest equipment for quick and professional job
  • Expert advise from certified arborists on the job site
  • We assure complete safety of your property, home and neighbours
  • Speedy cleanup of the property after the job is completed

If you’re in need of an emergency tree removal in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills, dial our contact number 0419 816 864 now for a FREE quote and quick service times.