When do trees need CARE and maintenance?

Proper professional maintenance is imperative for beautiful, healthy trees. MJS Tree & Stump arborists are highly trained in the tree care and maintenance craft and are fully equipped to provide quality workmanship and handle all tree needs in Adelaide and adjoining suburbs with ease. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or a commercial business, we provide service customized around your particular tree maintenance and care needs.

We enlist specialists in the assessment, management and care of trees. If your trees fit any of the following conditions, give MJS Tree & Stump a call on 08-8391-5700 to discuss the next steps towards great looking and healthy trees:

  • Incorrect lopping
  • Blocking a nice view or sunlight
  • Out-of-control growth
  • Messy appearance
  • Visibly damaged, decaying roots or dying branches
  • Diseased or ¬†infected
  • Storm damage

Our tree maintenance services cater to the aesthetic appeal and overall health of your trees. Contact MJS experts today and have a detailed conversation about our customized tree service and special tree maintenance plans as tree care not only contributes to the health and safety of your trees, but also to the overall value of your property.

With proper, holistic tree care and maintenance routine you get:

  • Stronger trees with improved vitality to withstand storms or pesky pests and diseases
  • Safer property as preventive maintenance protects trees from weakening and potential damage
  • With proper care trees get optimum soil nutrients that promotes overall vigor promoting healthy growth
  • Upkeep of trees upholds the value of your property and home

Your local professional arborist from MJS works with you to build the best tree care plan. You get to work with the best and knowledgeable MJS arborists who plan and get familiar with the appropriate maintenance cycle for specific trees and shrubs on your property. Our commitment to you is to understand your requirement, evaluate your specific needs, consider the safety perspective before proceeding with a job and then give your trees a desired look. We complete each job efficiently, in a professional and timely manner with least inconvenience to our clients. We have earned the trust of many and our work can be seen all over Adelaide Hills and Adelaide area. We take pride in believing that our tree removal services and staff is the best.