Trusted Tree Removal Service for Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

We all love trees as they are beautiful and make a great addition to any landscape. Hence, tree removal Adelaide is usually the last option, but in some cases it is unavoidable. A tree must be removed for various reasons, you might want to consider tree removal if your landscape has:

  • Dead, dying or damaged trees –  there are times when dead or dying trees cannot be saved and for the health of other plants in surrounding area we advise tree removal. After storm damage that compromises the structural integrity of a tree, cutting may be the option left to eliminate any safety risk.
  • Insect problems or diseased trees – If a tree is diseased or infected with insects or pests, it will decline quickly, making the tree unsafe. Additionally, troublesome pests are the last things you want to see on your property. MJS’s skilled arborists have the knowledge to counsel you on the best option for dealing with diseased or infected trees and keeping your property risk free and healthy.
  • Trees growing in hazardous or unwanted areas – whether it is difficult trees growing in confined spaces, damaged trees, fallen trees on homes, trees near power-lines or water pipes; root problems, you name it, we provide customized tree removal or any kind of tree service our customers may require


Whatever your reason, MJS is the one you call!

Do not put your property or yourself at risk! If these conditions are similar to yours’, give a call to MJS Tree & Stump to assess the situation and provide you with a safe and efficient tree removal plan. Tree cutting is a process that requires a professional arborist. Many tree removals are complicated and missteps or mistakes can be very costly – make sure the tree service and arborist you choose is qualified and understands the craft very well. Depending on the tree, size, density, type, location, condition and proximity to hazards, safe and efficient removal may require a variety of techniques and expert treatment. You can count on highly skilled MJS crew for completely hassle-free and cost-effective tree removal, from start to finish.

No matter how large your tree, we can ensure the job is completed safely and with minimum disruption and no damage to your or your neighbours’ property. Our aim is to deliver 100% customer delight and we make every effort to keep your lawns clean and tidy after a tree job is successfully completed.


If you are in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills and considering getting a tree removed or want to get more information about how-to, costs and services, give MJS Tree & Stump a call today and get started. Our friendly arborists are happy to answer your questions and explain our specialised tree removal process in detail.