One of our most sought after service is tree pruning. As trees mature and grow, heavy branches can pose a problem, particularly when close to buildings and power lines. Pruning of trees is also important to keep them looking visually appealing and should be a part of tree maintenance and care plan. Additionally, if you’re looking to prepare for storm season or trying to prevent limbs from falling, we can help by removing overgrown, dead or dying branches before they come down on their own and become cause damage.


Professionals only should conduct tree pruning. It may seem routine, but pruning can be dangerous work. It is important to prune a tree at the right time. As a specialist tree service company, MJS Tree & Stump has the in-depth knowledge, latest techniques, state-of-art tools, and decades of experience to keep you and your property safe as we carry out our work. As fully qualified tree specialists, our aim is to keep your trees as healthy as possible while carefully removing any issues or threats that they may be causing. Our services are designed for all types of trees, whether you are homeowner, business or government body in Adelaide Hills and Adelaide area, MJS is the one you call when you want an efficient and hassle free tree maintenance.

Our experienced service team of arborists understands the time of year a tree flowers or is most vulnerable to disease, pests and insects. Furthermore, MJS pruning crew has the aesthetic sense in shaping and pruning all types of trees and shrubs. We are proud to state that our tree specialists possess an eye for detail that is evident in the precision work that we do for our clients. We follow the best pruning plan and results are great looking, safe and healthy trees of all type, size and shape.


  • Selective Pruning
  • Shaping
  • Canopy Lifting
  • Canopy Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Remove low-hanging branches
  • Remove bits of foliage without altering the tree’s overall shape
  • Remove the very top branches to make the tree shorter and less bulky
  • Remove dead and dying branches and problem areas, promoting healthy growth and shape
  • Trim the whole tree to achieve a desired shape

MJS crew has the proficiency to shape ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges. As qualified arborists and masters of our trade, we fully understand the best and effective way of keeping your trees healthy and looking great. Whatever your tree maintenance and care needs, get in touch and we can inspect the problem and offer you our customised professional advice.

Keen to learn more about our tree maintenance services, pruning options, detailed processes and tools we use for trimming a tree? Call MJS Tree & Stump to understand in detail the tree maintenance and pruning process and arrange a free quote from one of our friendly tree arborists today!